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Even if you don't own a home and are renting an apartment, condo, or house, it's important that you have tenant insurance in Calgary. Without renters insurance in Calgary, you (the tenant) would be held responsible for damage sustained to the property. For example, if you accidentally left a bathtub or sink running and it overflowed, the damage caused to you or your neighbor's apartment would be your liability. An accident can be devastating to your finances if you aren't prepared. For this reason, we say tenants need insurance too!

Tenant insurance in Calgary covers loss to personal property and household contents. It also provides personal liability protection for you and your family. Many people might think that because they don't own the building, they aren't responsible for insurance, but renters insurance is a vital part of your protection and security. Anthony Clark Insurance can help you find an inexpensive policy that provides the coverage to suit your individual circumstances best.

For questions about rental insurance in Calgary, please contact us at any time. The friendly, professional representatives at Anthony Clark Insurance are happy to provide you with any information that will help. Call us today, or click here for a free Tenant Insurance quote and more!



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